Ceramic Sculpture

Black and White Chaotic Encounter #17, 2003 Flange, 1993 Gears, 1993 Shifted Classic Form, 1997 Something On My Mind, 2001 Squared, 1993 Target, 1993 On the Tip of My Tongue, 2001 Totem Equineous, 1997 Toy Boat, Toy Bout, Toy Boot, 2002 Your Move, 2002 One Lump or Two? 2005 Sci-Fi Stack, 1993
The large clay sculptures are hand-built using slabs, coils and the occasional press molded part. Each is bisque fired to cone 1 then glazed with commercial low fire glazes and under glazes and fired to cone 04.

Black and White, 89 in. tall, 1993


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